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Onsite Services Brochure

Onsite Services

Managed Services − the key for your business success! MANAGED SERVICES FOR ONSITE Support for IT service users A swift response to inquiries and flexible resolution of IT problems make a clear contribution to employee satisfaction while also improving efficiency of day-to-day business. Enjoy swift assistance with IT questions with audius Managed Services for Onsite audius Managed Services for Onsite help you ensure the daily availability of networked IT workstations within an IT infrastructure. Managed Services include the following: incident and request processing in the data center or directly for end users as well as 1st and possibly 2nd level support. We also offer all services throughout the life of IT workstations and mobile devices – from installation through relocation, upgrades, modifications, and disposal. Tailored to individual requirements, the service can be expanded at any time. audius Managed Services for Onsite support employees in their daily work by relieving them of operational IT support tasks. Benefits for your company ● No need to arrange holiday or sickness cover ● Complete transparency of costs (ticket-based or flat fee) ● Improving end-user satisfaction thanks to direct assignments at the workplace ● Reduced ticket processing time ● Replication of the manufacturer’s interface in the event of a defect audius services Strategy ● Greater customer satisfaction ● More time to concentrate on your core business Implementation ● Incident and request management on site ● Assistance for workplaces ● Support for mobile devices ● IMAC-D services Care & culture ● Support for end-users on site ● Knowledge management ● Support for data centers Service management ● Service times up to 24/7 ● Continuous optimization as part of CIP, e.g. training, process optimization ● Control of on-site assignments on basis of qualified job planning ● Reporting of defined SLAs audius expertise We have been offering managed services as a qualified partner to big customers for many years. In the area of onsite support alone, we support more than 30,000 IT workstations. Certified audius experts use their specialist knowledge to ensure the reliability and availability of your environment. If necessary, specialists are brought in to optimize, design, and build new services. A comprehensive range of services that can be relied upon at all times to help you achieve your business goals! Talk to us about your custom solution. Phone: +49 (0)7151 369 00-333 · E-mail: ·

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