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Managed Datacenter Brochure

Managed Datacenter

Managed Services − the key to your business success! MANAGED SERVICES FOR DATA CENTER Support for the data center infrastructure Your customer-focused data center infrastructure relies on flexibility, performance, convergence, and reliability. We support you - from design and integration through to the proactive operation of your hybrid and heterogeneous data center environment. Improve implemented services with audius Managed Services for Data Center audius Managed Services for Data Center ensure that your highly available data center delivers the performance you expect. Managed Services comprise all the data center services that are required to ensure and maintain the operation of business processes: infrastructure monitoring, backup and restore, upgrade and update, user administration as well as a system check of the infrastructure performance data. The service can be expanded to multiple platforms at any time. With audius Managed Services for Data Center, therefore, your future business success is assured. Benefits for your company ● High availability and reliability for data center operation ● Increased transparency through documentation and reporting ● Improvement and acceleration of implemented services ● Complete transparency of costs (monthly billing or flat fee) ● Definition and agreement of individualized service levels audius services Infrastructure ● Server, storage, network ● Virtualization (VMWare, Citrix etc.) ● Updates, upgrades, patch management ● Configuration management ● Remote / in-house support ● Consult, design, build Middleware ● Backup & restore ● Database management ● Disaster recovery Application ● E-mail ● Identity & access management ● Database management ● Intrusion detection & prevention ● VPN & firewall services Service management ● 24/7 business process monitoring ● Continuous optimization as part of CIP, e.g. automation ● Security incident reporting ● Provision of services in accordance with ITIL audius expertise audius has been a qualified partner for big companies for many years, responsible for managing data centers serving over 35,000 users. Our certified experts use their specialist knowledge to ensure the reliability and availability of your environment. Additional dedicated employees support you in operation and administration. If necessary, we will bring in specialists to design and build additional services. A comprehensive range of services that gives you more time to focus on your core tasks! Talk to us about your custom solution. Phone: +49 (0)7151 369 00-333 · E-mail: ·

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